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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Though i tried to stop myself,the addicted p---k had it own mind.

She kissed me hurriedly and i was struggling to respond but she suddenly did somethind that pained me,she touched my cheek.

The precious cheek that was slapped twice by beauty and her sister and it really pained me.

I was really angry so i pushed her away.

She tried to stimulate me but i pushed her away.

Luckily for me,her mum called her and after she left,i locked the door and men,i started thinking of beauty.


She later came back and was knocking but trust me i pretended to have slept.

Getting back to the orphanage without bleeping her was hard but thanks to my cheeks i was able to evade the enemy.

It was all back to square one when i got back to school,trying to get beauty’s attention and she in return snubbed me.

One evening in the dorm,i recieved a call on the telephone as students dont have a phone and when i picked it,it turned out to be Pearl,Beauty’s sister.I was wondering how she got the dorm’s number but could not ask as i was afraid of her.

She told me beauty was ready to listen to me but i should be willing to accept the blame and should not try to defend myself.

She commanded me to beg her in school the following day.

When i saw her in school the following day,i was very afraid to confront her.

I stood very far to her because i was wary of her slap.

I begged but she said i should give her time to think about it.

I thanked her and i went to the library.

If not that i dont know my village i would have said my village people are after me.

Getting into the library,i met precious again and she was calling out to me grinning.

She asked me why i locked the door and didnt open it for her and i told her that i was afraid because of pastor.

She said that what the pastor does is worse than that and when i asked her what she meant,she told me not to worry.

She started touching my laps but when i touched my cheeks,i quick stopped.

During closing as i was preparing to go home,beauty called me and told me her dad was calling me and when i got there i nearly died.

Her father asked me if i broke her daughter’s mind and when i said yes,The combination of beauty and pearl’s slap was given to me.

I now really understood why pearl’s slap was as powerful as that,The blood of slapping was running through their family.

Her father told me never to try to break his daugter’s heart again.

While i was crying,beauty came to my side and begged me.

She kissed me and bade me goodbye.

Though her kiss was meant to be a special one,her dad’s slap was the man of the match.

When i got home,i was told that mother sent for me and when i got to her room,i met her masturbating.

The addicted me could only move closer to her.

She smiled when she saw me and drew me closer,kissing me.

She dipped her hands inside my boxers and grapped my p---k rubbing it.

She knelt and started blowing my p---k but men she looked like a s--t.

I came in my mout and she sat,guarding my mouth to her well.

I really thought it was disgusting but i played along.

After she came,i put my p---k in her well and she started m0an!ng.

Because it has been long that i digged,i f----d her very hard and fast and she was m0an!ng.

I f----d her to the stage that her p---y dried up but i was in no mood to stop.i f----d till i came and she was very weak.

She blew me a kiss and slept off.

I saw beauty the next day and when i asked if that kiss means a yes,she said yes.

I was very and i asked her to move to my seat.

On the next sunday,i sat beside precious in the teens church and she did something very crazy,she brought out her phone and was watcing s-x.

When i asked what it was,she called it blue film.

We were watching it together and i was unconsiously fingering her in teens class.

She suddenly stood up and asked me to follow her and when i did, she took me to her dad’s car.

We started smooching though we cant be noticed as the car has a tinted glass.

We were in a 69 position and she was blowing me while i was licking her.From the back seat,she brought out a condom and i inserted my p---k into her hole.I f----d her till her p---y was dry before i cummed.

When i got to dorm,i had a call from beauty and she said her dad wants to see me.

While sweating am asking u what could be the matter.


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