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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 9
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On a certain saturday,beauty’s dad sent his driver to pick me up from the dorm after i bribed mother theresa with s-x.

I was both anxious and afraid as i had absolutely no idea of why he wanted to see me so i started praying.

We entered an estate and we headed straight into a big house.

The gateman opened the gate and i was directed inside by the maid.

She asked me to sit and got me a glass of water which i could barely touch.

She went to get beauty’s dad for me and when he arrived,i nearly died.

He moved closer to me and brougt his hand forward.

I closed my eyes warming my cheek for another slap but when i opened my eyes,i saw the he meant to shake me.

I shook his hand and he sat down sipping from a drink he brought from his room and was staring at me.

I was quite uncomfortable and was wondering what he had in mind.He asked me why i broke his daughter’s heart and i told him that it was unintetional.

He told me that he called me to warn me and that he wasnt agains his daughter being in a relationship,but if i should break her heart then i will have myself to blame.

He then narrated how beauty could not sleep,eat and how she cried because i broke her heart.I could not help but feel sorry for her and i hated myself at that moment.

He asked for my number and i told me it was prohibited in our dorm,then he got to know that i was an orphan and he pitied me.

I left in the evening and i got to dorm and slept off.

The following day in school,pearl was somehow friendly with me and she occasionaly stared at me.

She called me and invited me to their father’s birthday which was meant to hold on the next weekend.

I was informed that a family was working towards adopting me me and i was somehow sad because all the holes i dig will no longer be available.

My life continued and one day,mother theresa called me and told me that in a week time i would be leaving the dorm.

A family were on the verge of finalizing my adoption.

I started crying and mother theresa felt very sorry for me…

She rested my head on her b----t and was strokind me and although i was crying,i sq££zed her boobs and she took her top off.

I started sU-Cking her b----t and left my hand moved into her skirt while i rubbed her p---y through her [email protected]

She was greatly m0an!ng and she grabbed my d--k.Because i was hurt i could not do a lot of romance so i put my p---k in her p---y and was f-----g her madly.We were sweating and suddenly someone knocked at the door.


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